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Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Red Hamburger Hut

If you're craving a burger in Albuquerque, skip the chains--skip EVERYWHERE else--and head to Little Red Hamburger Hut for the best red chile burger on the planet.

It's in a funky old adobe building that used to be a Wimpy's, so there was already an established hamburger tradition in that spot. And if you come here, you'd best be craving a burger, in fact, because there's precious little else on offer: fries, or a bowl of red chile (or slap 'em together: chile cheese fries!)... that's about it. But the burgers are so good, it won't matter. Served any way you want: on a bun, on a tortilla, with or without red chile, cheese, tomato, onions, pickle, mustard... you get the idea. They utter the phrase "satisfaction guaranteed" so often and with such heartfelt gusto that I honestly believe they would have cheerfully refunded my money if I had expressed any complaint whatsoever. But that was not to be--I, instead, returned to the counter and ordered a second double red chile-cheeseburger.

They can be closed at unexpected times--and they're always closed by 8 p.m.--so it's a good idea to call idea to be sure they're open.

Little Red Hamburger Hut
1501 Mountain Rd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87104


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