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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Little Pepper

(Little Pepper has moved.)
A bit of food porn from last night's outing to Little Pepper. Thanks, once again, to Jose for the pics, and Jennifer the great company. This is not to say that Jose isn't great company, too...

The complimentary Sichuan pickled vegetables and peanuts:

Noodles with spicy meat sauce (the first cousin of dan dan noodle):

The last page of the menu is comprised of several dishes called "griddle-cooked... (fill in the blank)". At Little Pepper, "griddle" is, apparently, what they call a non-stick pot--a good-sized potful of whatever you have ordered arrives, spiced for the fearless. I don't get to order these very often because I'm rarely with enough people that can agree on one of these dishes, but on this occasion we were all of the same mind and got the griddle-cooked beef and lamb. As you can probably see, it's beef and lamb, thinly sliced, cooked with a generous shovelful of dried red pepper, ginger, garlic, Chinese parsley and Sichuan peppercorns, and some potato and lotus root thrown in for contrast. It is, one need hardly add, as good as it looks:

And a spoonful of it on the plate (with lotus root prominent):

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